Units and periods

Financial Diagnôstik© offers multiple advantages, the different choices for handling: units, multiples, currency and time periods that it analyzes; are solely some:

  • Produces monthly, quarterly, annual and biannual information in an overview presentation.
  • Analyzes the previous year, budget and current year relevant information.
  • Provides elements to elaborate a better budget.
  • Elaborates financial reports at constant value.
  • Produces financial reports in foreign currency.
  • Calculates the monthly percentage of sales at constant value.
  • Manages values and percentages in the relevant formats.
  • Allows to manage different units and monetary multiples.

About information provided

Among the information that Financial Diagnôstik© of provides, it is necessary to highlight:

  • Generates two monthly projections: Actual+Budgeted figures and Actual projected figures.
  • Elaborates financial ratios (with moving averages) similar to those of the stock market, eliminating negligible deviations.
  • Shows a descriptive and clear report of sources and uses of funds.
  • Issues a month-by-month profitability over equity diagram, similar to the Du Pont model.
  • Provides a cash flow in value report, as well as a graph and the Financial Diagnôstik© diagram, which offers you an exceptional vision.


Some points exist to stand out about the information that Financial Diagnôstik© provides.

  • Shows alarms when there are unfavorable deviations in relation to a preset sensitivity.

  • Points out the weak points in clear sentences.
  • Allows to elaborate what if? simulations.
  • Produces consistent information for the board of directors, and to obtain bank credits.
  • Generates a summary with the nine most important formats.
  • With this version you will have a quick and efficient tool to elaborate your financial analyses in less than twenty minutes.


The new version of  Financial Diagnôstik© offers:

  • New graphs and reports.
  • The featured colors allow to visualize easily the differences in the analysis.
  • Points out with clear sentences the weak points observed.
  • Excellent gift for clients and suppliers. Offer them a novel and friendly product.
  • A complete and dynamic online help to easily guide you, a user's manual.